Desk top display is gone

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by CaptainObvious, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Maybe one of you techies can help me before I take a sledge hammer to this piece of shit. I had a some kind of task manager window always poped up. I was trying to get rid of it and poof, everything is gone from my display. All I have is a screen saver showing and nothing else. No shortcuts, no start button, no nothing. I hit control, alt, delete and this task manager window pops up. Through that I can gain access to my hard drive and the net, but I can't get into my control panel. I believe everything is hidden behind the screen saver, but I can't get to my display to make a correction. How the heck to I undo this mess? Or, should I just wipe the hard drive clean and start again. Or, a new hard drive entirely? Thanks in advance!
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    Restart your computer.
  3. I can't help but notice the bitter irony that this was in response to someone named 'Captain Obvious'. :D
  4. run the system restore to an earlier time before you had this problem.
  5. I wish restarting the computer worked. It hasn't. I wish system restore worked, it hasn't. Tried all that before I posted. Got nothing but my display background.
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    Have you restarted Windows in one of the Safe Modes?

    If that doesn't help, bypass the OS altogether. Many ways to do it... I'd recommend you go with BartPE bootable CD. A lifesaver, powerful yet user-friendly. In this case, you'll need to make it on another Win XP or 2K PC, of course, although it doesn't need to be the same version of Windows.
  7. Have tried the F8 key, nothing. Ctrl and Esc. Nothing. Ctrl and windows key, nothing. I need to be able to get into the control panel to change the display and I've yet to find a way to access that.
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    What did you try to do to get rid of it?

    Did you try hitting the "Windows" key?

    You can launch the correct control panel applet (to configure screensavers) without using the control panel, just run (type windows-R) and then type this: "desk.cpl" - that will bring up your display properties window which hopefully you can see.
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    Good idea, GTS. CO, also, typing "control" should bring up the full control panel. Or from the Task Manager, under File - New Task (Run) menu.
  10. Well, I got to the display. Thanks for that! It wasn't the fix I was looking for though. Typed in "control" and it just disappeared like most everything else I look for. I just think I'm screwed here because I can't actually remember where I was at. I know I went into the control panel and then went into systems. After that .....?I'd remember if I saw it, but I can't get there. Thanks for the help.
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