desk space in New York City

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  1. hey

    i will have desk space available for any trader at $500 per month

    building is at 50 broad next to the exchange ..

    we will have 3 or 4 spaces available

    pm me for information

  2. ess1096


    I'm looking for a middle drawer or maybe a place on the desktop to put my pencil cup. But $500 is too steep.:D :D
  3. Wanna split the $500, I'll trade after 4PM and don't have many pencils?

    It's not easy to find a $500/month "no strings attached" place to trade other than Starbucks in Manhattan.
  4. Is there room for a bed and where is a bathroom?
  5. :eek:
  6. lol ...ET is pure comedy !!
  7. does your apartment have no internet connection?
  8. I like to get away from the house and pretend I have a job a few hours a day.

    You know, shower, shave and put on clothes other than Adidas tear-away sweat pants, well maybe not when it's below 40!
  9. True, but I like the commute to home :D
  10. Thanks for sending me the pictures of the place. I will have to pass. I need more room then this.

    Maybe one of the guys here is interested. Thanks again.

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