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  1. Need a desk surface... Similar to kitchen countertop but would be nice if it was black or wood or something. Want plastic/formica not real wood.

    Plan is to build a long desk backed against a wall - screw a 2x4 across the wall and lay the desk surface against that.

    Guys are complaining they do not want uprights at the outer end of the desk - (where you can bang your knee, etc.) Any good ideas on how to build something nice/professional looking but on the cheap? We need to be able to have an investor into the office and feel good about it - but also don't need anything crazy/custom, etc.

    Thinking about arches for support but wondering if that's going to still be an issue. Does anyone make desk surface or countertop surface (rolled edges) that you can buy wholesale? We need something 12' long and 36" deep.

    Need something we can take a drill/hole saw to and "modify" for cables/wires, etc.

    Pretty much want to put the picture below on one continuous desk - but we will replace the middle two monitors with 4x 26" like the end quads.


    Home Depot?? Lowes?? We are in NYC - in union building. Want to DIY without Union input.
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    you can buy 12 ft formica counter tops at menards,psuedo marble attatch 2 ft 2x4 s vertically to the studs on the wall at a common hieght(36inches),attat ch a flat 2x4 on top of those,lay your back edge of counter top on the flat 2x4 against wall,screw 1 3/4 -2 inch screws threw bottom of flat 2 x 4 into botttom of desk,atttatch another flat 2x4 18 inches out from wall to bottom of desk,attatch braces from vertical 2x4 to 2nd 2x4 ,18 inches out,less than $150
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    This post must be a joke or something.

    In case, it's not a joke... avoid wood unless it's oak. Most wood is not durable enough for daily use of a keyboard and mouse - seriously.

    Tables covered with plastic are the most durable... after granite... but you don't want a granite table top in the office. Coffee mugs and beer bottles will break on it.
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    you could also do this with 3 store bought kitchen cabinets,(finished on left and right sides]cut the bottom 4 inches off where the toekick goes,lay two 2x4's on top ,one at the back,one close to the front,and lay the counter on top,union people would let you bring these things in,you wouldnt need a carpenter,just a cordless drill
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    thats the appx 4 inches u would cut off to give you a height close to 30 inches for a standard desk
  6. [​IMG]

    You could use a design like this to fasten your top to the wall, nothing touching the floor to hit your knees on.

    Counter tops are only about 25 in deep (standard size) but come in 12 ft lenghts.

    You could buy 2 of these tops and install them as a step pattern to get your 36 in depth. One on top of the other.

    Build a counter top platform 36 in deep as shown and put the first top down. This will give you a work surface of 25 in. The back splash is 3 1/2 high. On the back of your counter put a 2 x4 on edge the 12 ft length and set the second counter top resting on the 2x4 edge and support the front of the second top with 2.x4 blocks maybe 3 in long at several points along the 12 ft section.

    The space underneath the stepped top could be used to store papers, whatever. Put the monitors on the top counter and keyboards on the lower counter.

    At the very least you would be using stock material. Anything one piece that size (36 x 12 ft) probably has to be made, then you'll still have to be sure it would be able to fit through doorways, etc to put in place if you didn't build it on site.
  7. Thanks for the great ideas so far - the kitchen cabinet ideas are out because we need it 100% open under the desk so chairs can roll sideways along the entire length.

    It also needs to look professional - so no plywood or 2x4 braces. Must be done properly and look professional. I'm going to see if I can source some metal brackets instead of 2x4 on a 45 degree angle for supports.

    Still having trouble sourcing the actual desk surface. The two quotes I got were very expensive.

    Ideally it would be wood or wood around the edges and formica top. Have specific dimensions - want rolled or shaved edges and one end can be 90 degrees while the other end needs to be cut curved on a 12" radius so there isn't a sharp corner on the desk.

    I appreciate the feedback!
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    you will need to put your computer source somewhere,maybe on the ends inside a vented box,these could be only as deep as the computer,the el brackets wont support anything over a long period of time,once or twice,30 times in a year, a 250lb guy leans on it ,it will start to give and continue to get weaker,nutmegs 2x4 braces could be made of finished birch,maple,oak plywood,stained,polyed...also measure the elevator,the single12 ft top may have to come up in 2 pieces,this might change your design parameters
  9. Unless you like doing it yourself or are tight on money hire a cabinet maker, one who has done some high end work where the homes have built in's. A pro will do a better job in half the time and will probably have some good suggestions also.
  10. Lowes or Home Depot have formica countertops in varying lengths, with your specific edge requirements. It'd be a custom order, but you'd be shocked at how cheap they are.

    You can get 4X4 posts, paint them, and have a custom built table in any height/configuration you can dream up.
    L shaped, along one whole wall, whatever you want.

    The counter tops have nothing underneath, so your chair can glide where it wants.

    Very easy to do.
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