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    I wounder, how much prop. firm charge their trader in avarage to trade in firm office /(desk fee)?

    thank you
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    Dear traders,

    I will appreciate, if your share some information.

    I wonder, how much prop. firm charge their traders in average to trade in firm office /(as I understand they call this cost “desk fee”)?

    Thank you in advance for your information.
  3. I pay 4k a month, get TT / bloomber and CGQ charts. Bloomber we split between 20 people and chart 2 people.
  4. What are you trading, stocks, futures?
    Where are you trading from NYC, Chicago, London?
    What size account do you have?
  5. Our traders pay $200 month remote (fully rebated at 200K shares). This includes their Exchange fees. In office they pay $400 per month, fully rebated at 1Mil shares, half rebated at 500k shares, 25% back at 250K shares.


  6. I am sure Bloomberg does not know that!
  7. Probably not but if I ever get fired they will find out pretty quickly. We just split the news between couple screens. If someone needs more info they just walk up to the terminal and use it..
  8. You were not exactly subtle about announcing it, the firm's name is not a secret.
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    Currently I trade with IB, remote, ,,, I was thinking maybe to join prop. firm in NY or Chicago location.

  10. really depends on so many factors

    where you trade, the city, the location in the city
    your trading volume per month (they may rebate you if you do large vol)
    the firm you are with etc
    some firms in NYC cater lunches so you bet thats baked in

    imo, Id say $200-$500 is average per month with a decent computer, but no one ever talks, most keep to themselves I have noticed.
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