Designs On Sigma

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Well here we go again SIGM is awake from the dead and about to give us all a great swing trade.

    Also Intertesting.... 1743 August 30 calls traded today on SIGM more than twice the open interest. Hearing rumors of a possible takeover! Well whatever the stk moves like a hussy when it works let's keep an eye on it stonedinvestors! ~ SI
  2. Having taken an initial position before the puke fest I am heartened to see SIGM still chugging along racking up relative strength... Folks, I'm not giving the famous train leaving the station announcement... yet... but keep an eye on SIGM ~SI
  3. SIGM continues to vacilalte in $1 channel between $31 & $32 for the last 2 sessions (now support & resistance)... just interesting looking to me> no pullback at all..... So far the train is still in the station though the seats are filling up fast.~ SI
  4. Breakout! SIGM running to retest all time high set 7/17 at 32.85!
  5. Ladies & Gentlemen, women and children please pick up your luggage and report to track number 17, the SIGM Express is revving now with full steam and a full crew and a next stop of $38. We are just ABOUT TO LEAVE THE STATION but not yet.....

    Alright I'm using $33.75 as my get on board number there has a nagging neg feeling that I can't shake but crossing through that point will change my tune.

    Remember our first lot when this thread started is $28-$29 so we have to be aware of booking a reversal as much as riding the breakout. Stay Tuned!
  6. Holy Cow fellas we have a real breakout now!
    10:08:33 Buy SIGM 33.75 Breaking out again!More new all time highs... Next stop $38!
  7. Getting heavy in here folks. If you came in with me I'm stepping off @ $36 leaving $2 to my target price. Moving into Blue phoenix BPHX.
    ~ stoney