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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by caplan8293, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Hi All,

    All I want to do is design and test systems and strategies using historic data with TradeStation... I don't want to actually place the trades and I don't need real-time quotes.

    Can someone please tell me which product I would want and how much it would cost, including all applicable one-time, monthly, and other fees? I have not been able to find out an answer to that question from Tradestation at all...

    Thanks much, as always.
  2. It is clearly explained on the Tradestation site.
    It will cost you about $200 bucks/month if you do not open a brokerage account or $100 / month with an account.

    I would recommend in your case.
    Check it out.
  3. Your best bet is to purchase Tradestation2000i.Once you have purchased it and bought your historical data you have no more expences.Look on Ebay there is some great deals,good luck
  4. If you dont want to spend money at all and you are quite knowledgable in programming (which you need to be with all other options mentioned here too) you should go to the site and do it for free. If you are not knowledgable in prgramming like me, you would need to buy the desktop version WLD3 and do most of the programming stuff with drag and drop. On the other hand you get over 900 systems on the web site and with the software for free. EOD data for stocks is for free, including historical data.
  5. No more expences like EOD data update? Are you really seriously recommending someone to buy a product that is not supported anymore? Are you trying to sell it on eBay???
  6. Read the original question,Caplan wants to design and test systems and strategies using historical data with Tradestation.
    There was no mention of needing End of Day Data and if I had of been selling it on Ebay I would have included the link in my last post.
  7. abogdan


    The way I would start it (being 11 years TS user) is to research what is already there (I mean on TS forums). If you a beginner chances are there will be a similar system available with the Easy language code etc. Then you can modify it, deploy it with secure code protection and ask somebody who has TS to run it for you just to see results. You can use VNC to other people's computers etc. Unless, of course, you think (like most of us at some time) you discover a holly grail. In this case buy TS for one month and you'll know that you still don't know something. Good Luck!
  8. You might want ot read the question again and I quote:

    Can someone please tell me which product I would want and how much it would cost, including all applicable one-time, monthly, and other fees?

    So I thought I give him the cheapest option, that is a web site that has over 900 system published and organized with a search function and has the data there.
  9. I completely agree about the one month period and knowing nothing. But then again as I said in some earlier posts, why not use the FREE version? Or if needed get the 30 day FREE demo and safe 200$ (which is a app. third of the proce for WLD3). And I was a TS user since SystemWriter. Believe me I have tried many other trading software, I know!