Design a potential strategy

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  1. Designing a potential strategy

    I am trying to come up with some rules for some common variety of ADX, FIB, and CCI as described in order.
    1. Direction of the Trend - ADX common settings
    2. Strength of Trend (Momentum) - ADX common settings
    3. Setup - FIB common settings
    4. Trigger - CCI common settings
    I am looking for some assistance defining rules with common constraints using these three indicators only as described. I will be using AMIBroker to trade this but for the purpose of defining the rules, this point doesn't really matter.

    Please reply to post or instant message me here

    Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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    Are you offering terms?
  3. I'm open to anything reasonable.

    I wish there were a per-minute chat feature.
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    Very strange post.

    You are not going to learn anything useful on here.

    I suggest checking out :


    ^Cesar talks about basic strategy design. He also uses AMI broker.
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  5. That's quite confirming. I get a lot of people trying to sell me something. It's hard to cut through that but then so are your links someone trying to sell something. At least it's Amibroker related. Do you know of any Amibroker related chat rooms are forums that are separate from their website?
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    Did you actually listen? Cesar gives away decent "free" practical advice to creating rules in a trading system( which sounds like what you are struggling with) You don't have to buy anything- there's no way i'd be buying anything after listening to those episodes. Most of what he's describing is quite simple and could be implemented by anyone with some coding experience.

    I've got no clue about private AMI broker groups, sorry.
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  7. All CCI does is show how far away price is from a moving average. You can use it to create entry points based on when it crosses over. But just like most indicators, it's only useful if you know beforehand if it's going to be choppy or trendy.
  8. I actually did this once when we were talking about designing price action systems. I labeled it with dots above and below the bars on the spots. But it was seriously unhelpful.