Desert island presidents.

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    If you could bring back any ex president from the past to take over right now who would it be?
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    Hunter S. Thompson
  4. Robin Williams.

    Oh, shit...that was a movie.
  5. Garfield

    his presidency was cut short and he didn't get to live up to his potential.
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  7. jefferson
  8. Bill Clinton

    Nasdaq composite +309%
    Dow Jones +222%
    S&P500 +210%
    Gasoline $1.10 per gallon, oil $18/barrel
    Jobs +242,000 per month average for all 8 years in office

    What more can anyone ask for?
  9. Gee, all those percentages were flat until ...hmmmm..till Nov 94,
    What fundamentally changed that month....hmmmm....let me think.
  10. Reagan, but I think Ron Paul would be even better.
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