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  1. Hi guys,

    New to the forum. I ve been searching a long time to find a forum where I can inquire about help getting a trader, trader assistant, or anything that relates or will allow me to eventually become a trader job.

    I really very much want to be a trader, expically a forex trader. I just wanted to ask how I could pursue this goal

    I am just a recent cornell graduate who have done 3 internships as a accountant, analyst, and consultant. I know that is not much at all, and I need a lot of help and luck...but any advice? thanks
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    a lot of people want this kind of job and you do not have the background to get it.

    My advice : open an individual account, trade....when you will be able to show good or great results, you will get the job.
  3. Whats up, I am class of '06. Cornelltrak had entry level jobs with a FX firm in NYC as recently as last year. I forgot the name name of the company, but I remember seeing it.
  4. You want advice?

    Clean up your spelling and grammar and get rid of that gay sounding tag.
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    trading positions at REAL cuurency shops are hard to come by unless you have someone who can help you get your foot in the door. That being said, many firms DO have training programs that solicit recent college grads as opposed to experienced traders as they don't want to hire those who already have an opinion and such. A newbie is so much easier to break and think like the rest of the pool.


    (a) get the addresses of the major firms. If you want fx, look at major banks too. Inquire about their training programs. Play up your academic credentials (believe it or not, grammar is important and bad use of such will get your resume trashed).

    (b) Even tho you have graduated, try to get an unpaid internship as a means to get in.

    (c) Go to grad school

    (d) save or borrow 5k and become one of the ubiquitous equity prop traders that this forum is geared toward (did you really think Goldman and Fimat traders come here to share their secrets?)

    (e) find out where the hiring managers hang out after work and buy them a drink. Sleep with them. Can't hurt.

    Seriously, tho, most firms are not hiring now. If you have picked up a newspaper other than the Onion, you would have noticed that WS firms are cutting back, not expanding, and there are considerably more experienced people out there than you who are also competing for the same job(s) you want (yes, contradicts what I said earlier, but a competition none the less). Unless you have something unique to offer, see c or d above.
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  7. hi guys, thanks for the advice. I was thinking about being a trader's assistant first and then somehow get in the trading game.

    also, I really don't know what a prop trader is. But if you have to put in your own doe to be one, it sounds a lot like a scam.

    Oh yeah, I also had another question. A number of FX trading firms offered chances to be their brokers? any chance that may help me to eventually be a trader ? thanks

    also one last question, I'm always curious about a lot of these great jobs like FX trader, where the requirements state that you really dont even need a bachelor degree, but you do need 5-10 years of experience. If all the trader jobs say the impost important thing is 5-10 years of experience, where do u you get the experience to begin with?
  8. Cornell really is the worst Ivy....

    How did you pass your writing requirements? I don't get it.
  9. if you have the cash like $30,000 and is a 'professional trader' why work for anyone else as a trader assistant and making the man rich

    if you are not a professional trader, why would anyone hire you.

  10. most of the jobs in the trading firms are for computer science degree who do automated program and use systems. you'll need to know software programming.

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