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  1. some people actually think what he does is real. he's a magician.

    i wonder what are some things we think about the market are real but actually are false.

    example; maybe the 90% of traders lose stat is wrong...
    when one encounters a (big) loss it 'helps' to believe in this stat... that one is safe among the crowd of averages.
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    The thing is that all (retail) traders are boiling in their own stew, to coin a Russian phrase. That is, we're on the outside of all market information and we interpret all that we get in individual ways. Trying to filter the valid market facts from the sea of mass information is next to impossible so we start to believe what we want to believe. We create our own rules of thumb and begin to stick to them, assimilating all incoming data into our own personal mental cubby holes. Some of it works, some doesn't. What you end up with is belief in something that may have no validity at all, yet it may make you money.

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    agree 100% with you, opm.
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    Learn the difference between data and information. Data is a record, information is what somebody makes of the data.

    Limit the information that you will allow yourself to be subjected to to that which will help you to learn to trade from data. Your noise level will go way, way down, your trading skill will eventually come way, way up.

    Leave the time limit for becoming succesful open ended, your mind and spirit don't work in a realm of time, it could be months, it could be years.

    If somebody poses as an expert and you can't verify it by intuition, [even intuition is good a lot of the time, if it is disproven you can discount all the info you took in that might be bad] or a track record or whatever, shut off the information. Don't let information do to your trading what weeds will do to your garden. Realize that the best lies are half truths and always try to get ahold of the good half of information.
  5. I love most all of what he does! Derren brown is simply one of the most intelligent, original and funny entertainers out there today. Going well past "magic" and into psychological realms such as mind reading, hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Lingistic Programming), Stunts (Such as the Derren Brown Russian Roulette clip) and more - Derren Brwon is simply the
    best! I found this page on digg, they have a video of Derren paying for a $4500 bracelet with blank pieces of paper! Also, it lists programs to use mind control like him. Any of you guys used any of these programs? Please respond if you have, thanks!
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    Derren Brown is awesome - i would love to learn more about his techniques.
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    I also like Derren Brown. I think he has written a book. Many videos are on YouTube.

    With regards to whether something like this might help one trade look at:

    I think it speaks volumes, the question is how to find anyone half as talented that you could afford to actually help. I don't know.

    If you are really interested in learning about hypnosis, this is an interesting book: