DerKommisar Guesses: Marketsurfer's Anti-Trend Fund to Disappear within next 10 Days

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  1. :D
  2. VICTORY !

    holding positions here

  3. Always entertaining to watch children playing "make believe".

  4. :D

    everyday is like child play for me.

    signing off from 50,000 feet,

  5. 04-21-06 04:35 PM
    Quote from marketsurfer:

    well, it looks like victory was declared a little early----

    still holding the oil, DJIA shorts and dollar longs--we have pared the losses in the dollar trade.

    going walleye fishing this weekend-- see everyone later!

    Quote from marketsurfer:

    ok, prof, thanks for the view.

    one of us is right, and i'm betting its me.


    ps. come on, just his initials......

    E-mini Dow - New High Today
    Euro FX - Challenging the Top
    E-Mini Gold - Challenging the Top
    E -Mini Silver - Challenging the Top
    Euro FX - Possibly Confirming the Top
    E-Mini Crude - New High Today

    To bad I'm not a betting man . . . only sure things here.
    Hope you catch something.
    No initials either . . .

    Time will tell
  6. Marketsurfer;

    Can you describe your approach in general terms?

    Is this the same or similar to the "Neo-Gann" based system that you blew out your last fund with?

    Thanks, This is Steve46 signing out from my sun deck 118 feet above the Pacific Ocean

  7. I apologize for forgetting my manners.

    Certainly I am interested in your circumstances. I'm sure we all are.

    You mentioned that you are flying at 50,000 ft.

    Are you being transported by the U.S. Marshall's service?

    Do you have to wear handcuffs while on the plane?

    Where will you be held?

    Do you know when your hearing will take place?

    and of course the most interesting of all (if you are inclined to answer), "what did you do?"

    I am sure I speak for all of us when I say we are pulling for you.

    Signing out from my sun deck 118 feet above sea level.

  8. did not need to fly out personally with my t-shirt :)
  9. You gotta stop smoking that stuff dude... I mean, 50,000 feet, you are getting a bit TOO HIGH. :D
  10. because heeeeere i ammm defyinnnnnng graaaaaaaavityyyyy!!!! :D :D

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