Derivatives: The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks

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  2. Good god, not this bullsh1t again... How many times can we revisit the same idiotic calculation?
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  4. Precisely... Reality is so much more difficult to understand and deal with than the stupid article makes it look.
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    Hippies, please consider allocating the time you spend on creating anticapitalist websites on "work", and in 10 years you won't feel the need to be a hippie anymore.
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    I have to say that the images are quite impressive.

    I have talked about this for quite some time, this market seems to be a mystery, no one really knows how large it really is.
  7. Erm, no... There's quite a lot of information on this out there. DTCC and BIS, for one, collect a lot of the data on this mkt. Moreover, given the mkt is gravitating towards central clearing, the amount of available info is only likely to increase, as people like LCH and CME publish their data. The article is full of sh1t and so is ZH, who's been creaming himself over the large notional numbers involved for a very long time now.
  8. It is not about the amount of the info out there, it is about its accuracy and the fallacy that some people think they can analyse it properly. The smart people never assume they "know" something. They let the reality let them know instead.
  9. I see... So what's reality telling us here?
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    What is the measure of "large" here? You know, 10 inches is a very large size for a penis and a pretty small size for a vaulting pole. Are we talking notional numbers?

    There is plenty of information out there, the clearing houses, BIS etc.
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