DER SPIEGEL - Greek Exit From Euro Zone Just a 'Matter of Time'

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  1. Greece will soon hold a referendum that could determine the fate of the European common currency.

    Last week, it looked as though the euro had been saved. Now, in the wake of Greek Prime Minister Papandreou's announcement of a national referendum on the bailout package for his country, the common currency is even closer to the abyss. Still, say German commentators, it may have been the right move.

    Despite its location on France's glamorous Cote d'Azur, Wednesday evening's meeting likely won't be a pleasant one for Giorgios Papandreou. The Greek prime minister is set to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. None of them, one presumes, will be in the mood to enjoy their enchanting surroundings.

    Leaders of the world's most powerful economies begin arriving on France's south coast on Wednesday night for the Thursday kick-off of this year's G-20 summit. Host Sarkozy had been hoping the gathering would focus on raising funds to boost the effectiveness of the euro backstop fund, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), but the success of the meeting is now in doubt. Papandreou's announcement on Monday evening that he was planning to hold a referendum on the EU bailout package for his country has shocked and infuriated his would-be benefactors -- and sent global markets into yet another tailspin.

    The news came less than a week after an all-night bargaining session in Brussels that resulted in an agreement to slash Greek debt by 50 percent, make a further €130 billion in loans available to the country and leverage the EFSF to €1 trillion. Markets immediately calmed and the euro began climbing against the dollar.,1518,795426,00.html
  2. This will bold well for the dollar.

    If you wana play the EMU's fate, go long the dollar.

    If the EMU falls, Euro will crash and that part of the world will scramble of the dollar.

    However, even if GREECE bails the EMU.

    It will not tear apart the socialist union.

    What will destroy the EMU is the "Debt" they are carrying.
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    "What will destroy the EMU is the "Debt" they are carrying."
    ask corzine:D
  4. Susi Liesman needs to pull another one of his regurgitated articles to try and refute the OP.