Depth of book: NYSE Open Book vs Nasdaq TotalView

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Gary from QUODD, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. Gary from QUODD

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    We at QUODD are seeing increasing interest from traders in looking at market depth to better analyze market trends, trading activity and liquidity in the markets.

    Is there a view on whether NYSE Open Book or Nasdaq TotalView is a better solution?
  2. qlai


    Nyse Open Book is too expensive for retail trader, so definitely TotalView. But, generally speaking, people who need depth, need all or none.
  3. Totalview is not total, missing Arca data
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  4. QQQult


    afaik IB are the only retail level providers of ARCA / NYSE Open Book that don't ask for a couple thousand a month, while there are a few datafeeds that offer Nasdaq TotalView for around $100/m.
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  5. Etrade also offers Arca and NYSE along with Nasdaq for $30/month, I could be wrong though check with them.
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  6. Gary from QUODD

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    Thanks for the reply. Just curious which trading application are you using to get the totalview data? Is there any limit for how many concurrent symbols you can access?