Dept of Labor to help all illegals

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    Deport any illegals that call the number, and give their job to an unemployed US citizen or permanent resident. That should help to get the unemployment rate moving in the right direction.
  3. I don't see what's wrong with what Solis said. If you have to pay an illegal the same wage you have to pay a legal worker, why would you hire an illegal worker with the added risks involved? This can only help.
  4. Saw that today on Fox.
    I think the Marxist radicals need some cannon fodder for their upcoming street protests, so they're luring more illegals up here.
    Narcotrafficante snipers are on the border targeting US Border Patrol agents, State Police, county SO Deputies, PD Officers, et al.
    And da feddle gummint protects criminals.
    And Federal agencies are canceling any seminars/conferences held in AZ.

    A house divided against itself cannot stand.
  5. If you enter into N. Korea illegally, you get 12 years hard labor.

    If you enter into Afganistan illegally, you get shot.

    If you enter into the U.S.A illegally, you get a drivers license, free health care, a job that pays 10 times what you made in your previous country, free schooling for your kids, and subsidized housing.

    Am I missing something here?
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    US must implemented something similar right away. free labor at mexican borders!
  7. If you enter into Mexico illegally, you may win one of the following.
    A. A bullet
    B. Sold into slavery
    C. A jail cell
    D. All of the above
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    everyone,who got cut on illegal entry-12 years of hard work building damn wall at the some of my tax money
    when US great wall was done-start making it higher.
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    This is good news, the earlier we implement them into the tax system the better. We can't have a successful ponzi scheme without new suckers coming into the system. As a matter of fact have them bring all their relatives from other places to over here.

    But lets even out the playing field for the legals, the legal citizens are entitled to longer unemployment benefits, better healthcare, etc...

    Any corporation caught hiring illegals would be fined 100,000 per "employee". And these audits/searches would be performed randomly once per year. Kind of like the lottery.

    See, everybody wins...
  10. Was just watching a documentary on public TV.

    A history professor comes on and says the Roman Empire was not so much "overthrown" as it was "overrun" by non-Romans breaking in to "get a share of the good life".

    Fair warning. This is how empires fall.
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