Dept of Education Civil Rights Division wants secret trials for sexual stereotyping

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  1. How Political Correctness can be Enforced by Terms of Service without Violating our Constipation

    Today May 5, 2011, the organization Freedom for Individual Rights in Education alerted us to a recent letter sent out by the Federal Education Department Civil Rights Division (that’s a scary enough concept, right there!), addressed “Dear Colleague”.

    The letter orders any university hoping to continue receiving Federal funds to immediately:

    1) Adopt a 51% evidence standard to establish civil guilt in any sexual harassment case;

    2) Treat “gender-based harassment, which may include acts of nonverbal…hostility based on…sex-stereotyping, even if those acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature” as subtle rape;

    3) End any discretion not to prosecute;

    4) Mandatory reporting by educator “block leaders” about suspected cases;

    5) Allow secret accusations and evidence in order to protect the victims;

    6) Disallow open hearings and procedures;

    7) Prohibit, if convenient, the presence of any attorney for the accused;

    8) Prohibit, if convenient, appeals of any star chamber court findings;

    9) Prohibit requiring the accuser to appear;

    10) Prohibit cross-examination of the accuser;

    11) Use campus police to investigate and collect evidence for the civil trial;

    12) Report all “violations” of campus rules to all interested persons;

    13) Provide all collected information to the Federal government; and constantly

    14) Conduct periodic assessments of student activities to ensure that the practices and behavior of students do not violate the school’s policies against sexual harassment.
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    goodbye USA, you were a great country at one time.
  3. From the people who brought you Affirmative Action!
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    It's time guys, we either take back our country and soon, or we're done.
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    We will wake up one day and US will be "poof" gone. All it takes is this shit to be rammed down the countries throat inch by inch. This is what some of the so-called crackpots like Alex Jones have been saying. It will eventually affect everybody.
  6. Yeah, but what are we supposed to do? I'd like to think that some military coup would be possible. The wikileaks conundrum is evidence that there are dissenting minds within the military. The problem is that they are now rapidly filling the military with 3rd world foreigners as a means for them to get citizenship now too. The only feasible scenario I could think of would be if some sort of chaos or widespread social disorder ensued, and a well organized, well supplied entity was waiting with a solid plan to act. Even then it would likely have to involve lots of military, I would think. It would be ideal if it could transpire as some sort of "constitutional reformation".

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    I'm not really sure to be honest. A wide spread voters revolt replacing EVERY incumbent in congress would be a great first start and probably even prevent the need for an armed conflict.
  8. The letter orders any university hoping to continue receiving Federal funds to immediately:

    What need to be done? Very simple. Refuse the federal funding.

    When Christie refused Fed funds for the nj tunnel saying this would put nj on the taxpayers on the hook, there was an uproar. The fed is renegotiating.

    If you had a few universities refuse the funding based on this "Dear collegue" bs, the fed would back down. No one has the balls to do it and secondly women are running everything, they'll eat this shit up.
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    Excellent point. People should start turning their backs on the Federal Gov't, become more self-reliant by banding together, and
    fund it through other means, such as locally. Too many worship Pharoah and have become slaves. I see where Paul Volcker has finally come out and given a warning, if the trillion dollar deficits are not dealt with, matters will get ugly. He is stating the obvious, finally. I really do not see how they can keep this shit up much longer, with a withering fiat currency that has turned into an instrument to control people.
  10. 100 Million of us need to storm the country's streets in protest... and especially in Washington DC. (Think there's any chance of this... what with 50% of Americans receiving all or part of their income from the government?)

    Without that or a military coup, The Republic of the United States of America is toast!
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