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  1. I have owned three URL's since 2009:

    If anyone has an idea on how to monetize one or all of them I will be happy to discuss a joint venture or outright sale. I am willing to commit capital to back the right idea but only with a partner who also has skin in the game.

    PM me if interested.
  2. You are one presidential term too late to the game.

    The dollar went from $1.30 to $0.68 under Bush. Under Obama it's gone from $0.68 up to $0.80.

    And the snp has doubled under Obama from where Bush crashed it to.

    All of that aside, good luck with your venture.
  3. If I were to market something that related to the sinkingdollar URL I would use gold as the benchmark or more probably position it as reporting on the overall demise of fiat currency which is where the headlines are likely to turn once rampant inflation rears its ugly head.

    I suspect the depressionletter will be the easiest to market in the shorter term -- the next 24 to 36 months -- but that sinkingdollar has the most long term potential. Thanks for the good wishes but I should have been clearer. Even though I am willing to commit some capital and maybe a bit of advice I am not prepared to devote any real time to this. I have only recently become profitable trading and I do not want to divert my focus. I want any venture involving these URL's to be someone else's project.

  4. My primary interest is in finding someone with a burning desire to become a talking head -- say like Gartman -- who appears on CNBC to promote his newsletter and is seeking a .com as a vehicle to do that.

    I may end up simply selling the names but my preference is to joint venture with someone who wants to promote. Thanks for your suggestion.