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  1. americans are doomed.
  2. let us strive for a brighter future for ourselves and our progeny
  3. move to china

  4. this will all end horribly in the states.

  5. what 's up ?
  6. It's just inexperience overreacting to a series of events they cannot reconcile.
    These obstacles were not considered in the planning phase of their lives, therefore the basis of all they have been taught and the future they expected by default, is suspect.

    This leads to a polarization of information and ideas that deviate from the norm of mainstream and gravitates toward isolationism.

    This is the stage where they warn others of impending doom and consider those outside their circle as sheep.

    They fail to realize that filtering out all sources of information but those they align with, is just as dangerous, if not more so, that those mindless sheeple that plod stupidly toward the slaughter house, oblivious to what awaits them.

    If I wanted to manipulate a large group of impressionable minds, that is precisely how I would go about it.
  7. No.
  8. Nobody's doomed, you are all idiots.
  9. This thread is doomed!