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  1. What do PEOPLE have to be depressed about? YOU ARE FREAKING ALIVE..


    what's more is your on TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN!!

    you might have been an arachnoid. or an amoeba on an arachnoid .now that's smthg to be depressed about!

    PEOPLE what's that to be depressed about??!!

    i just don't get it :confused:
  2. Tums


    there are 3 types of depression:

    1. your brain is wired wrong. You were born this way. Sorry, can't help you.

    2. there is a chemical imbalance in your body, brought on by one or more of the following: imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, a sad event in your life, etc.

    3. people chose to be depressed.

    don't be judgmental... some people truly cannot help themselves.
  3. i truly do not wish to be judgmental, and i don't wish to diminish true illness but there might be a fourth cause..

    the self-indulgent.
  4. here is smthg to be depressed about..

    if your birth or mine was just another 500 yrs LATER, 500 yrs or so in the future, less than a drop in the bucket geologic time, likely we'd have the possibility of IMMORTALITY.

    at very least we might live to be SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS rather than 80!

    now THAT'S depressing :(
  5. You are a fucking moron. I used to think stock_turd3r was the biggest douche on this site, but you take the cake by a wide margin.

    Depression is common, real, and has an organic origin. It differs in degrees, only, among those whom it affects.

    Your ignorance on all matters is impossible to match.

    Go eat some bamboo shoots and slam some wheatgrass shooters.

  6. i can think of worse things than being a douche bag an enema! :D

    i have to admit YOU are depressing :D
  7. armoured saint...why do you always have to be so difficult :D

  8. If you or someone in your family, G_d forbid, ever becomes affected by depression, you'll change your tune very quickly and be eating humble pie, sunshine.

    As much an ignoramus you are at time, I'd still never wish that upon you or your family.
  9. look, i do not diminish the devastating effects of depression on the individual or the family.

    just trying to throw MY little insight on the fire...

    some depression stems from being disappointed at the 'trees" but missing the 'forest'.

    look at the big picture. only the very FEW lucky & resourceful individuals LIVE up to their expectations of their lives and themselves. (and i am not just talking about $)the rest of us have to deal with our less than 'perfect' lives.

    the BIG picture IS your here for only 80 yrs. give or atke a year or two. make the most from it. every day you are depressed is another day lost. you only have so many why waste them??

    you are not going to take it with ya

    it's all a cruel joke anyway
  10. I'm not depressed, but I know people, including family members, who are.

    Depression has NOTHING to do with any 'state of mind.' It isn't about expectations.

    I personally know people who are truly wealthy, from a monetary standpoint, that are and have been organically depressed for close to a decade.

    One of the people owned a company called ASC, was one of the biggest suppliers to the automotive industry, and killed himself, despite a net worth that no one on ET has - Heinz C. Prechter.

    You speak more of 'situational depression,' which is acute, and typically brought about by the death of a loved one, divorce, or other stressful event. It typically has nor organic basis.

    This thread deals with organic depression, which is concerned with the chemical composition of the major sub-systems of the brain and peripheries, as well as the 'hard wiring' of the brain - things like synapse firing and re-uptake of serotonin, or absorption of norephenephrine or dopamine.
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