depression next year

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  1. if recession started last dec- we enter a technical depression if we don't kick this habit by next december.
  2. This is not true....
  3. Depression next year? Why wait...

    If you doubt it, visit the East Coast.
  4. Define 'depression.'

    I may or may not agree.

    I am extremely bearish and confident it's a warranted attitude.
  5. Before the 1930's everything we now define as "recession" was called "depression".

    The Great Depression was so named because of the length of time that it lasted and its depth. It was also the first time government heavily intervened, which turned a short depression into one that lasted more than a decade. After the Great Depression, the term "recession" was coined to differentiate normal short depressions from that one event.

    Thus, there is nothing that technically differentiates a depression from a recession. A recession is just a modern day depression.
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    Obese Americans could use another great depression, have you noticed how skinny (starved) everyone was back then.
  7. Correct. Failure to emerge timely from a recession would be recognized as a depression. The 30s were not the only depressionary period in US history. Check the 1870s. In fact, that earlier depression more resembles now than the Great Depression. Will this depression rival those? Speculation is futile. We all have our outlooks.
  8. That would work in theory but in practice it doesn't thanks to cheap sugar in the form of HFCS and cheap fat provided by hydrogenated oils.
    Cheap foods, the foods that Joe Schmoe and his fat lardo wife can consume, are loaded full of that fattening crap.

    Healthy foods are expensive.

    Therefore I wouldn't be surprised to see people getting fatter and unhealthier as the result of a major economic downturn. Remember this the next time you step foot in a dollar store. All of the food in there is full of fat and sugar.
  9. I believe that calorie restricted diets (super restricted; something like the equivalent of 1,200 calories for an adult or less) have the ability to extend human life by a theoretical 20% or more - they've shown as much as 100% in lab mice.

    Basically, the human body is like a furnace, and the more calories you consume and burn, the faster your cells oxidize and die.

    'The Depression Diet.'
  10. 10 percent decline in GDP is generally viewed as a depression.
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