Depression is Local

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  1. As the saying goes, Economic is Local, so goes the saying the DEPRESSION IS LOCAL.

    The Fastest-Growing Cities In The U.S.
    Lower housing prices, shorter commutes and a more pro-business attitude are driving the cities on our list.
    By Joel Kotkin,
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    Austin, Texas
    Austonites tend to be smug, but they have good reason. The central Texas city ranked as the No. 1 large urban area for jobs in our last Forbes survey. Along with Raleigh-Durham, Austin is an emerging challenger for high-tech supremacy with Silicon Valley. The current area's population is 1.7 million and is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decades. Austin owes much both to its public sector institutions (the state government and the main Campus of the University of Texas) and its expanding ranks of private companies--including foreign ones--swarming into the city's surrounding suburban belt.

    San Antonio, Texas
    Last year this historic Texas metropolis--home to the Alamo--ranked second on our list "best cities for jobs" among larger cities. The region has been growing rapidly to well over 2.1 million. As the economy, particularly in Texas, recovers, an already strong health care sector will be joined by an expanding industrial base. One key factor in San Antonio's favor: stable house prices--even by Texas standards. PMI Mortgage Insurance Co.'s most recent risk index, which is a two-year measure, lists San Antonio as having the lowest risk from falling prices among large Texas cities.


    Buying my Second Loft on 2nd Street, downtown ATX. I will rent out my Loft in SAN ANTONIO in FEB when I close on my ATX loft and relocate.

    Texas is on a solid path to recovery...
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    Red States have less economic distortion so they recover when they should... I'm in California, forget it, we will recover when Left Wing Policies actually work!!
  3. Just saw this quote elsewhere: "We are paying for socialism, but we are not getting it."
  4. Like Grandpa used to say.... "Don't hold your hand on your ass waiting for THAT... might grow there".
  5. Yea, you would think the citizens of the Blue States would wake up.

    Wait, I think most have and are moving outa those states ASAP.

    The Freeloaders and Socialist will stay put...they love them BLUE STATES as they suck them dry!
  6. I can't believe CA is most likely going to elect Governor Moonbeam WTF!

    I know Whitman's not perfect but she is one of the most successful women in business!

    I told my relatives I have no interest in moving back to CA. Visit sure.
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    The blue States get EXACTLY what they deserve for being so ignorant, they shouldn't be allowed to vote anymore!

    God bless Texas!
  8. There's no justice when somebody else has to pay for their greed and sloth.
  9. Please if you live in Colorado vote for real change.

    Vote for Tancredo.

    Question Authority.
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    This is true. Sadly...
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