Depression, 2nd leading cause of depression in the United States, is cured.

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  1. Brain science, the final frontier.

    The brain is the most complicated thing we know of in the universe.

    Now, if we can get the U.S. gov't to realize Steve Jobs attributed a lot of his creativity to LSD - we could pull ahead of the Chinese in all endeavors, and stay there............
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of course that should read "2nd leading cause of disability". (Had to show my superior knowledge of the brain, while misstating everything).

    empty 24oz. can of Special Export on the side table........
  3. My opinion:

    A person doesn't practice coping skills and expects depression to "cure" via a pill? If you were to wrap your arm and never use it, it will lose mobility. Also, if you take a pill (longterm) to deal with depression, your coping skills will likely decline. Then you could end up needing to take more "medication". Oh and then later they will find out what the side effects were that didn't show up in testing. Darn, the unintended consequences.. I can hear it, "But there are no side effects." LOL
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    As we all know we can train the body easily enough, so what about training the brain ? Excercises or what ?
  5. yeah, sure.
    its impossible for a corporation to find and deliver any real cure.
    its against profitability.

    the reason for depression is known for ages: fluoride and mercury brain toxicity and/or not enough sunlight.

    both things are very bad for pineal gland.
    extremely poor people in africa, india, asia are generally happy and don't require "treatments".
    why? they don't ingest heavy metals like people in the west do.
    HFCS or wheat anyone?

    they spend most of the day outdoors giving themselves a lot of light, not indoors.

    hint for western, civilized and educated folks: eat more wheat, sugar, candies and eat more magic pharma products. go to church and shopping malls on sundays and during the week stare at your computers at glass building or starbucks. this combinationwill cure your depression :D

    and don't forget to use a lot of ipad just before bad time! its beneficial for healthy sleep and melatonin :)
    naaah, just take a pill and voila all worries gone ;-)
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    Think nice thoughts, buy a pet which takes you for walks, eat your favourite foods but sparingly so it is a treat, don't watch the news, meet nicer people, do your fav sports etc. etc.

    in fact enjoy life 'cos it's soon over.
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    Although I don't suffer from depression, my understanding is that it's beyond the reach of mere "coping skills."
  8. Agreed, it's all about brain chemistry.

    Ask someone who has suffered from severe depression for years, and then been put on the right anti-depressants, to compare the before and after.

    You will hear things like "I never knew life could be so great", or "So that's why some people are so upbeat", and the most painful to hear "So that's what life is really supposed to be like".

    It's the difference between night and day.
  9. There is a conspiracy forum that I visit once and a while just for the laughs. You sound like one of those nuts on that forum. Are you familiar with it?
  10. hahahah SimpleTrades, it looks like some posters have many "personalities", and some "personalities" seem to move around, whenever one "personality" chase away one. I really can not understand why these "personalities" that move do not simply get one "personality" , one nickname. A real mystery. :D
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