Deposit for Capital, Profit % NEG- Portfolio Margin

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nycderivtrader, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. All,

    I am looking for advice as to which shops would provide a tailored agreement perhaps a little different from a typical prop contract. I am hopeful that I may be pointed in the right directon. Thank you for anyone who helps in this endeavor.

    I am looking to establish a real track record and am willing to put up my money to cover any losses. What I am seeking is a portfolio margin account (100k IB or 125k TOS). I would be open for negotiation as far as a PnL split. From my history I generate 3-7% a month with minimal drawdowns- this strategy is in the ballpark of an Absolute return fund, however, I do sometimes favor a direction in the market.

    My strategy is one of options and would not achieve the stragegy on a day trading basis; I realize this eliminates quite a few firms right off the top. I have searched for this type of structure, however, it appears that there is a one size fits all contract at most firms- perhaps presenting this scenario on an individual basis would prove more rewarding, however, I wanted to get some insight here before even presenting.

    Thank you all for any value added advice and direction.

  2. PM me also if you'd like to speak.