deposit $500 to start trading at title trading?

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    a friend told me that he has to deposit $500 to start trading at title trading, but from their website, they said " Traders are not required to put up any of their own funds to Trade at Title Trading", so can i trust them?
  2. You better check with your friend again. I believe his information is inaccurate. If what he is saying is indeed true then please post the branch and or who he/you recieved this information from.
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    it is toronto branch
  4. what toronto branch?? ...there are several in toronto and the surrounding gta.
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    not sure which branch, i only got one contact email address , can you please tell me their other branch contact information? thank you very much.
  6. Ask your friend, what is pay out ratio he is receiving from the title trading?.

    Thank you
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  8. Crack that whip AutoMate!
  9. I did the interview in Quebec about 150 KM away from Montreal and they told me $300 for training. And, the payout for the first $25,000 is 40% then 50%.

    Costs were something like $175 per month for quotes and desk space.

    (BTW, I didn't get the job I think because the idea that I read some books on fundamentals and tried swing trading perhaps "disturbed" them.)

  10. 50/50

    wow that is sweet deal to rip newbies plus monthly expenes i.e. quotes and desk space fee.:eek:
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