deploying new capital... in stages or all at once?

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    The way i use volume, its not that much different @ all [50 days or 200dma volume] BUT a severe limitation on 200 dma= is you have to get 200/201 days of data to get only one /two volume marks. IF all i could get was a 200 dma on volume i go to IBD[] they auto draw 50 dma on volume........ Or simply draw 50 or 60 days trend lines on volume myself.

    A 200 day [ or 52 weeks] huge volume decline or volume spike may not mean much @ all;
    QQQ has done both, since inception, no problem@ all, but if it ever averages below 1 million per day , i may get another benchmark LOL:D
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    Thanks for your reply. I think I get it.
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    OK, thanks.
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    Can you run it by me again?

    What has 200 dma and 50 dma got to do with deer, polar bear and seal? Are all these animals related to GE stock price?o_O

    Sorry if I am too dumb.
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    Well, sort of iron chef. Good news + bad news= they are buying tech stocks above 50 day moving average; bad news is they're selling GE below 50 day moving average. GE is a polar bear trend,i call it . NOT a prediction-its a downtrend. When i blasted a deer down [ steaks] for my BB-Q, plenty of red. NOT a prediction; i missed a 4 or 5 point buck 5 times in a row LOL. BUT i have plenty of deer meat anyway .Good question:cool::caution::caution::caution::caution:
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    Thank you sir. So, buying tech above 50 dma is good and selling GE below 50 dma is bad?

    Another question: Is polar bear worst than black or Grizzly? If so, you are saying don't touch GE?

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    Yes mostly; but good tech buy maybe OCT-APR 15, sell GE anytime below 50 dma + good.IBD news paper had a GE picture, light bulb explosion LOL:caution::caution:
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    QQQ could take out JAN lows.; SPY did that. Im still bullish on tech stocks, but that does not change your point+ by the way the best uptrend$ dont take out monthy lows much or for many months.
    I know one millionare investor that does real well ,every every year a set sum/+ in early JAN but he does not trade+ does mutual funds -top 20% gainers,mutual funds. And doesnt watch market like a trader does. The Stock Traders[Hirsch] Almanac noting a new FED chair = a 10 billion dollar tax cut
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