deploying new capital... in stages or all at once?

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    Sir, I am not a Chief but a Chef, Chiefs are leaders of societies, those in charge. Us chefs are cooks, we cook up options dishes to feed our own ego.:D

    Best wishes.
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  2. %%
    Some of my charts have options on them also, i can use 50 dma on volume LOL.I always did like chief stampede bull[2] chief running bear. Never could figure why some one took name sitting bull ?? :caution::cool:
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    Only the Big Chief sits, everyone else has to stand in attention.:strong::caution:
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    What can a 50 dma on volume tell you?
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    I'll give it a crack:
    "what has been the volume for this [underlying] for the past 50 days -- on average -- please?"

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    Let's look at GE:


    What can you tell me from the volume and 50 day dma. OK, I don't have 50 dma, just 200 dma but similar to 50 in this case.

    Thank you.
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  7. Simples


    First of all: 50 dma is not 200 dma, unless you're talking different timeframes where those periods line up perfectly, and even then, it's not exactly that.

    That's a start on the technical journey. A very tiny babystep though.
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    I cannot get 50 dma level from my charts, it is fixed to 200 dma. However, the 50 and 200 should not be that different other than a little more features?
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  9. Simples


    They are definately different in the same timeframe. Backtesting them in some way, may yield vastly different results as well, or not.

    That you believe they are the same/very similar is just an unproven assumption of mind. Such assumptions can block progress because you keep beliefs not based on verified facts. That your charting package hinders you to explore all options, is also a limitation.

    I don't mind, just stating the way I see it from own experience.
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  10. %%
    Well they are pretty close in info/+.[ edit=200 dma+ 50dma volume] Mainly when i shoot a deer or a polar bear knocks down like a seal, to see plenty of red.....:caution::cool: And mainly too low a volume[or NO volume,LOL] can make for horrible slippage.I always allow for more slippage with a low 200 day or 52 week low volume......
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