Depiction of the Christian struggle

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  1. This is a great drama of the struggle of Christian youths in this country.

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  2. was in Barcelona thuesday at a concert which was nice, had a great time as did everyone there i presume...

    But anyway, the gig ended, me and my girlfriend were standing outside, and there were 2 American women from around 30 years old in quite a panic cause they didnt spoke Spanish and basically wanted to get the hell out of there.

    No problem, you know why don't we share a cab just follow us we stay in the same area.


    We walk away from the venue and they start to introduce themselves: From Washington DC, came to barcelona for the band, teached english, 2 children etc ...

    We walk past a bar, my girlfriend says let's get 2 more beers....

    Sure, why not, you girls like a beer?

    Bad move.

    "Why do you drink beer?"

    Why was everyone at the concert drinking beer?

    AND smoking cigarettes!!!

    What was that all about?

    It really spoiled our night.

    You guys should search for help with god.

    At our church we help people like you.

    You want god to help you?


    Temperature was hot, people were hot and there we are, only a few yesses away from being reborn.

    Things gote pretty awkward from there on, the disgust on their faces was clearly vissible and we didnt want to outstay our welcome so we split rather fast.

    Wat was that all about.

    Washington isnt part of the bible belt is it?

    Didnt they know europe has been de-religionized decades ago?

    Came of as a couple of nutcases really.

    I felth sorry for them.

    They looked brainwashed.

    Is this the generation that's going to rebuilt the US?
  3. Now this is the way I look at people who voted for King Osama.
  4. Not really. The US is becoming more secularized as time passes
    by. These two probably stand out because you are seeing less
    and less of it. Nothing wrong with them being outspoken, you
    will always encounter such ones and they probably have a good
    life living the way they do.
  5. Any of your religious nutcase should read Christopher Hitchens 's God is not Great; how religion poisons everything. Although, I don't like his writing style, repetitive; but i do agree most of his saying.

    Stop worrying about other how they're living their life. Churchs and states should be 1000 yards away from each other.

    What I hate the most is Town Hall meeting with people standing there saying Christan value build our towns/nations, blah blah, blah, and prayers stuffs during city hall meeting, Sicking and Boring.
  6. Mark Sanford, Republican Governor of South Carolina, card carrying Christian...

    His "Christian" struggle:

    "Should I bang this chick in Argentina or not...

    Yes, I should bang her and say I am in love."
  7. fhl


    Yes, it's so much easier for a democrat, who just sticks his schlong in her mouth, and then deny, deny, deny.
    If someone has the temerity to come forward with the truth, sick your attack dogs on em and destroy em. Now that's the democrat way!

    And you don't have to worry about all that Christian hypocrisy stuff either, because even though you carry a ten pound bible to church and have a famed preacher (who has his own concubine) to council you, <b>everyone knows it's a charade, that it's nothing but a lie to fool the gullible twenty percent</b>.
  8. I am 100% sure that their conversation was nothing like the way you just embelished it.

    Your answer to their questions about "why do you like beer" is pretty telling though. It says that you are a crowd follower. That because everyone else is doing it, you do it. I'm sure their question about why you like beer was to get to the deep down reason of whats going on with you.

    Here is the same story you just told us. See if you can relate to it.

    A man walked into a doctors office for his yearly check up. The doctor told him he had cancer. The man said to the doctor "Why did you tell me that? You just ruined my day!" To which the doctor replied "I'm sorry...but you should really see a surgeon about getting that cancer removed. At our hospital we can help people like you want a surgeon to help you?"

    I'm guessing your response would be that the cancer is not hurting you right now so why bother. After all...that doctor is just some medical nutjob, right? What does he know?
  9. Eight


    The really odd thing about Christianity is how little the participants take advantage of the opportunity to get help from God. The book of James mentions that people should get together regularly and confess their sins to each other and they will be healed... I've done this a dozen times, wow, I had huge burdens removed a couple of times... everything got better from my mind to my overall health... it goes deeper and works way better, way quicker than Psychoanalysis ever can...

    Nobody does it, so we have these churchy people representing Jesus but they aren't quite up to it, they just are the best that God has to work with so it goes on like that...

    I've gotten so much negative reaction from Christians when I told them about this access they have been given.. I got kicked off of a theology website for arguing that these people just do what their bible says to do... they won't... and their reactions are so weird... so my apologies to everybody for the offputtingness of Christians.. typically they are at least a little above average in conduct and morals.. they can't take it to the next level without that Auricular Prayer experience and they tend to think that there is nothing wrong with their theology at all so they are sort of stuck at that level they are at where they don't want to quit and they can't really win.. they seem to be happy with that level a lot of the time though, probably because they are happy with their women's clubs that they call churches...
  10. Nice OP viddie, but it does seem a stretch to assume that just because someone wants a beer on an odd night, it is necessary to seek spiritual counseling. I am not promoting alcoholism as a means to the soul's salvation but you may recall that the Eucharist has traditionally included alcoholic wine and Trappist monks actually brew beer so it could be considered a little hypocritical to condemn someone for drinking the stuff.
    On the Americans' motivation regarding the question, "why do you drink beer" and their supposed disgust with their saviors, IMO, it is not beyond the realms of possibility for a somewhat closed minded born again Christian to be a bit overzealous with pointing their self righteous finger at the countless SINNERS of the world. In this case, the person posting his Barcelona experience seemed like he was genuinely playing "the good Samaritan" helping the baffled Americans and with that, perhaps just offering a little more of what most people in Western society consider "fun" on a concert night.
    Just another possible interpretation :D
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