Department of Justice: Chris Christie spent big on hotels

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    DoJ: Christie spent big on hotels

    By: Meredith Shiner
    November 9, 2010 09:00 AM EST

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has elevated his national political profile as a conservative cost-cutter since taking the state's highest office, used taxpayer money to stay at luxury hotels while serving as a federal prosecutor, according to a new Justice Department report.

    Christie exceeded the federal government's set lodging rates by as much as $242 per night on 15 occasions between 2007 and 2009, states the report by Justice's inspector general.

    He spent $2,176 more than his budgeted rate over the course of 23 trips, of which only eight stays were booked in compliance with the federally allotted travel rates.

    According to the report, Christie, who was a U.S. attorney — referred to as "Attorney C" — "provided insufficient, inaccurate or no justification" for 14 of the 15 trips in question.

    In one instance, Christie explained a $475-per-night stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington by saying an early-morning speech was scheduled at the hotel. The report concluded, however, that if a room at the government rate of $233 was available within a reasonable distance, "we do not believe this was a suitable justification."

    The report also cites $798 worth of expenses submitted by Christie for car service to and from airports in Boston and London, which the IG dubbed as "excessive."

    Christie's expenditures came up during last fall's gubernatorial campaign. At the time, Christie defended his actions, saying he had no other option.

    “There are only a few rooms at each hotel that are reserved for government rate,” Christie told the Asbury Park Press last year. “If you got them, you got them. If you didn’t, you didn’t. I wouldn’t have slept in the park.”

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  2. Is that the same DOJ that has attorneys quitting because they refuse to prosecute cases with black perps and white victims? Particularly in cases of voter intimidation?

    The same DOJ that ricter worked for for several years???

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  3. Over a period of two years the guy was $2k over budget and during that same period spent $798 that was deemed excessive.

    That means he was ripping off taxpayers at a rate of over four dollars per day. Four dollars per day! I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!

  4. Out of 23 stays, only eight were booked in compliance with the federally allotted travel rates.

    More Republican hypocrisy from a republican who runs on being fiscally conservative
  5. I'm thinking the sam thing. >$100 over budget per trip, cripes the guy could probably eat that much in food.
  6. That's the best you can do? Four dollars a day. That makes him a hypocrite?

    Try this one: In August Nancy Pelosi was traveling with 4 members of her staff. She was offered a Hawker 800XP private jet. She wants a G-IV. The difference in fuel costs alone is $600/hr. On a single round trip to San Francisco, she spent over $6,000 more than she needed to. Compare that to Christie's four dollars a day.

  7. Hello


    LOL!!! I have never read a stupider comment then this in my life, once again you prove you are an idiot.

    Are you talking about the same Chris Christie who came in and balanced a 33 billion dollar budget with an 11 billion dollar deficit (Which was handed to him by the previous big spending democrat) with out raising a single tax? And your calling him a hypocrite? The same one who took down the corrupt teachers unions?

    Thats the chris christie your talking about right? You can get away with calling 99% of the republican party hypocrites, but im afraid on this one you are just making yourself look like a fool. Keep reaching man, your really making yourself look brilliant right now.
  8. Yet it's OK for Obama to spend $200 million PER DAY on his trip. You need your little pointed head examined.
  9. Judging by his waistline, he did.

    I heard it was $200 billion, but it was also from the same anonymous source as the $200 million.
  10. Excellent rebuttal!

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