Denzel Washington School of Trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by alex.samant, May 30, 2008.

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    I have a tip for traders that have taken such a beating that they even hate getting up and turning on their screens or putting on their coat and shoes and going to the floor.

    Watch "American Gangster". Notice how Denzel says "My Maaan!" when he refers to people who he's in business with. Practice the exact way he says it! "My maaan!" "Myyy maaan!"

    Now, turn on your screen in the morning and make sure the first thing you say when looking at your market is "My maaan!". It will instantly create a bond with the market as it the market is your main man, your partner, your cash machine.

    When you lose a trade just go "My maaan!" as if you know that you'll show the market who's boss around here...

    Just try it!