denver trading firms?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by wadevagle, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. wadevagle


    Does anyone know of any futures trading firms located in Denver that have a trading room (as opposed to remote trading)? I trade Eurex and Liffe futures. Also, I was hoping to use Trading Technologies software for execution. Thanks.
  2. jasrlew


    I stopped by and visited the new Redwood Trading office in Denver, they are located downtown in a nice district. They offer futures. You can get a contact name from their web site.
  3. wadevagle


    jasrlew - thanks, I will contact them (although website indicates that don't offer access to Liffe/eurex yet, but I'll find out)
  4. jasrlew


    They guys there at the Denver office trade currencies. There are three there now and they are looking to add more people.
  5. wadevagle -

    Feel free to PM/email me directly about our Denver office, (it is being renovated right now). To clear up the issues of Eurex and Liffe futures, we certainly do offer them to our clientelle both remote and office traders.

    My office number is (415) 946-3180 feel free to call me as well.

    rttrader -