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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Don Bright, May 13, 2003.

  1. Just re-posting here. All Denver traders and their "significant others" are invited to a get-together (Free Drinks, etc.!!) next week, May 21 ....right after the close for a 2-3 hours. Next to our office on Union.

    Call Jon Spaulding to let him know if you're coming by....303.716.0977.

    Or leave me an IM ....

    I'm inviting our friends from GS (Trade Factory) to come can pick their brains about the new systems!!

    And, yes, competing trading firms are welcome......anyone interested in chatting about trading.

    See you there!!

  2. Speculator1929

    Speculator1929 Guest

    Are there anymore Denver traders left for Don?
  3. gnome


    He hasn't got MY last $5 yet!! (But honestly, until today I didn't realize he had an office here. Hmmmm.... may he WILL get my last $5, after all.)
  4. Speculator1929

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    Sooner or later, he will get it!:D
  5. Geez, what a cynical group we have here....If I didn't know you were kidding, I would have hurt feelings.....(oh yeah, I forgot, I have no feelings....just ask Optional777).....

    "Come on down" ....I've never met a trader who turns down "freebies".....

  6. vonk


    Where is the Denver office? My family is considering a move there this summer...
  7. The party is being held next door to the office (neutral territory for everyone)....and the office is 225 Union, in Lakewood, CO.

  8. DaveN


    Don, I'll be there......and I'm already getting thirsty :eek: Will there be bonus drinks for the person who drives the farthest??? (Fort Collins is just over an hour north of Denver).
  9. Bring the Ft. Collins traders with you!!

    See you there...

  10. gnome


    Cynical, Ha! Consider yourself lucky this hasn't somehow degraded into a smut thread.
    #10     May 14, 2003