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  1. I just moved to Denver and am trading remotely. Wondering if there was a group of traders that got together once in awhile or shared an office in the downtown area.
  2. Moved to Denver last week. If anyone wants to hook up and talk trading, or just play golf/tennis/mountain bike (fwiw, i'm not real good at any of those yet but i'll pick it up as i go), or whatever else till snowboard season rolls around......then hit me up.

    No idea what the trading scene is like around here last few years but there has to be some traders with janus/invesco and a couple of prop shops around.

    What's the scene like someone?

    Cheers.:cool: :)
  3. Hey guys,

    I can attest that there isn't much of "scene" for traders around Denver.

    They're are quite a few traders around, from a mix of a lot of small-mid size mom and pop firms and then the big institutional influence w/janus etc... . but the traders for most everyone are all execution gigs and not really the prop-like guys in you might be thinking of. Regardless, everyone's pretty disconnected from each other.

    I think there's a Denver Trading Group(they bring in seminar teachers and speakers) somewhere, but haven't heard incredible things about it.

    The only real group I would recommend in Denver would be the CFA society. It's by far the biggest and best group/gathering in town for anyone in finance/investments.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah I haven't found much out here since the first post. The Denver Trading Group seems just like a marketing machine for chartists to come in and give seminars, and I haven't run into any other prop traders. I am working remotely with Assent and trading downtown if anyone is interested in getting together.
  5. im moving downtown in a couple weeks, im not a trader, but im starting to learn.
  6. CFA, society........wasn't aware of it, thanks. :)
  7. no worries. It's a bit pricey and i'm not sure their rules about non-charterholders/candidates, but they're pretty informative and you'll meet some really good people to know.

    If you guys are looking for office space, i'd look into The Hive Co-op (, pretty cool looking for self-employed people.
  8. I live in Denver, have been trading for about a year and a half. Bright has a small office in the tech center and I've heard a few other props. But overall, it seems to be pretty rare to find any other traders. But I'm also down for talking about trading or whatever

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    I have been here now for about 5 years. There are many traders out and about, can be very hard to find them. You will not find them at the Denver Trading Group most likely. I have been to a few events and didn't get a good impression from any of the attendies (honestly only spoke to 5 of the 75 and I can be an unsocial prick). That being said I would also like to meet with some like minded folks.

  10. I just moved to denver myself.
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