Denver Futures Day Traders?

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  1. xpmike


    Any futures day traders in the Denver area interested in meeting up? I'm looking for someone who might be interested in taking their trading to the next level and trading live in person. Let's meet for coffee if you're interested.
  2. Damn..I just moved from Denver 10 months ago

  3. Not a big futures guy, but I do a little bit here and there. Mostly equity options with some individual stocks too.
    I'm in Denver though.
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  4. volpri


    will it be gourmet coffee or instant nescafe?
  5. volpri


    will it be gourmet coffee or instant nescafe?
    probally good thing moving ES from Denver as Denver is too high not enough oxygen for brain to work properly for trading.
  6. Yeah actually my wife developed a heart condition and we had to move out of the high elevation. volpri I do not appreciate your comment and I will remember you for not bother apologizing.

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  7. volpri


    I apologize anyway. I didn’t mean it the way you took it. I was just making a general statement about less oxygen affecting the brain and since we use our brain for trading it could affect our trading. I have lived in high altitude for many years and am aware how it affected myself. Sorry about your wifes heart condition. I have one too. I’m sorry I ever made the statement. I do apologize..sincerely.
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  8. well I understand what you meant...Apology accepted and sorry I am so sensitive about it...lets forget about it

    stay well...

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  9. Handle123


    ES, I hope lower elevation helps your wife's recovery.
  10. CSEtrader


    ES, I hope too. And there are so many effective integrators for the heart health coming from natural medicine and holistic practices which I hope your wife may believe in and try, like special asanas in yoga, Qi Cong, herbs, special organic food ingredients, color therapy and others. we wish her all the best.
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