Dennis Kucinich has been bounced out of Congress

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Maverick74


    I liked the guy's spirit. But his career in Congress came to an end tonight as he was defeated in a runoff election to Marcy Kaptur.

  2. 377OHMS


    Same here, I like his spirit and think he is fearless.

    But he said a lot of crackpot things. He brought UFOs up at one of the 2008 democratic primary debates. I felt pretty bad for him at the time and was yelling at my tv for him to stop. I knew he was finished right there.
  3. I thought he was a little worm. He'd held out on voting for Odumbocare until given a ride on AF1.... greedy little bastard. :mad:
  4. The general election will be a circus,the women he lost to is running against Joe the plumber
  5. Googled Joe the Plumber. Not even a plumber it seems. Has some other issues, but seems like a nice enough guy. Not sure about qualifications, but I'm sure he'll have some help.

  6. pspr


    Kuchinich is just a little liberal weasle. I'm sure he will get a nice lobbying job making millions like many of the other weasles who get voted out of Congress.
  7. You don't remember Joe the plumber from the 2008 elections ? he (along with Palin ) helped make McCains campaign one of the biggest jokes in presidential election history

    The guy argued against welfare and his taxes being used to support welfare then was busted as having been on welfare and had owed back taxes.It was hilarious.And as you stated ,he wasn't even a plumber

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    Another memorable moment was when he stood Mccain up at a rally he was supposed attend LOL !!!

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  8. 377OHMS


    Yep, he turned out to not be a plumber and was bankrupt with judgements against him for unpaid debts.

    Perfect start for a politician. :D
  9. Brass


    Interesting how he instinctively gravitated to the party with intellectually bankrupt policy positions.
  10. When asked about the one man Kucinich would pick as his running mate, he chose Ron Paul. Dude was okay in my book, even if his social policies were all fucked up. At least he didn't seem as corrupt as Obama.
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