dennis kneale show cancelled!

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  1. gaj


    good news: that's one less hour the idiot is on tv.

    bad news: i never had cnbc on, so i never saw it. and the cancellation means there's a greater chance they'll put him back on power lunch.

    i actually had started not to move off of cnbc at noon. well, i had it muted, but not off of their channel.
  2. Not even mentioned on Zerohedge. What a diss.
  3. I'll refrain from saying that he is a know nothing shit for brains.
    Rather that he has a face for radio.
    But then again he is an oxygen thief.
    What a conundrum...
  4. +1.

    Kneale is the biggest douche TV has ever known, and that's saying something.

    So long, Beaker!

  5. S2007S


    I wish they wouldn't have cancelled the show I liked listening to his perma-bull opions every night, I mean he called the recession completely over in June, sounds like a real genius to me, haha. Nah I just wanted his show to run a bit longer so that when the markets go back into bear mode he could start again with his worthless rants.
  6. rickf


    CNBC spokesperson Brian Steel tells TVNewser, Kneale will now be a part of "Power Lunch," Monday-Friday from Noon-2pmET.

    < - >

    "The quality was high," he added. "The ratings were low."

    How low?

    The average for September was 103,000 Total Viewers and 35,000 in A25-54, both considered scratches on CNBC. (per Nielsen, a program will scratch on CNBC if it's below 123,000 Total Viewers and below 53,000 in A25-54)
  7. do not watch cnbc, but good to hear another useless douchbag got the hook
  8. NBC,,,, CNBC,,, MSNBC ...............ALL ARE TOTAL CRAPOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. S2007S


    Thats all the viewers he had. Wonder who will take the 8pm hour now.
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