Dennis Kneale CNCB is No 1 :-)

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    Did you just see what Gasparino told to Dennis? it was a nice argue. I wonder if Gasaprino will appologize
  2. they will have to do something. Charlie is a nasty son of a bitch.
  3. Do you think it will be posted on YouTube? I only caught the tail end where they each wanted apologies from each other. The argument sounded heated upon hearing this from another room in my home. I can only assume it dealt with Spitzer.

    Can someone be kind enough to provide a synopsis of what just happened?
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    no idea, but i came into my office, turned on cnbc, heard a whiny voice say something like "oil is only up because of the SPECULATORS" and knew immediately kneale was on.

    they panned, it was him, and cnbc got switched. so it's bloomberg til 8, i'll have something else (ESPN? TWC?) til 9 b/c bloomberg switches to E on my cable channel, and then i'll go back.

    am i the only one who's sent in complaints / shut off cnbc because of him?
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    for sure, it will be on cnbc web video lately. they were arguing about something and than Dennis just didn't let finish Gasparinos sentence and he said someting, that he is no1 (regarding Spitzer is no9). and than Dennis demanding for 20s an apology. Since nobody likes here Dennis, i thought it might be funny.

    sorry for my English, it is not my native language
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  7. #1 moron that is.
  8. My god what a bunch of children. Why do people watch this BS 12 hours a day?
  9. Thanks much! CNBC certainly lined up their on-air personalities with some live ones.

    Although sometimes some of these guys are very easy to love-hate, it's not unlike the variety of personalities on a trading floor/desk. I find this much more interesting to watch than Bloomberg or FOX Biz, in terms of personality. RAW data: Bloomberg / Emotion: CNBC
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    i have cnbc in my TOS platform and watch mainly Rick Santeli.

    i daytrade so i do not have time to watch it properly (cnbc+bbg), just have it like "background sound"
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