Dennis Gartman, what kind of joker this is

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  1. He was shorting the market before yesterday's big rally, then today he claimed aapl and rimm are his biggest holdings, well, stocks roll over, soon, you will hear he sold and shorted all tech.
  2. ODP will never ch 11, because guys like this need paper for trading
  3. He is taking Jeff Mackes' place. I catch myself listening to this goober occasionally and have to deprogram.
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    Gartman changes mind more often than a neuro surgeon
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    Gartman seems to be on the right side of every trade according to his FastMoney interviews - amazing!
  6. Another CNBS stooge...
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    They have very little idea of what they are talking about. I cancelled my cable and get all my tv through the internet now. (for sports and other live TV)

    Luckily, the USA CNBC channel is no where to be found. My trading never gets affected by CNBC anyway, but my blood pressure must be perfect.
  8. The negativity on this board is incredible. Do any of you even follow Dennis Gartman and actually see what he buys/sells in his newsletter.. or follow his ETN? He beats the market on a very consistent basis and the risk adjusted returns are impressive.
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    Lets say the market was down 50% since last year and your fund is only down 25%, you are still an idiot like Cramer, who is ruining peoples lifes on a consistent basis. If the market is down30% btw
    08 and 18 ( next 10 years) and your fund is only down 5 % that is not good enough.
    You are the real deal if you saw the underlying bid in the dollar last July( just like it has now).( I remember Gartman was shorting way too early) Big sellers in crude oil btw 126 and 148 (onthe way up)and you started short ing after it broke down
    and not before.If you were shorting the subrime mortgage collapse related issuses. But again not enough to be a " fundamentalist" bc then you mess up your entry. you must have the ability to time the market. Many says " dont try to time the market". Well those who cannnot do it say it, bc it is not easy.
    They should just change career bc this is a bear mkt, it will be hard to look smart.
    (By the way. Buffet is the smartest guy. He is a bottom picker, averaging down bc even he cant time the he says...
    not a trader....but he is ok bc like he says:" You gonna do fine in 30 years... " but againhis style for those who doesnot wanto make a living by investing.. . most of people in the markets want to do well in a short period of time...)
  10. He is a clever joker, that's what kind. Anyone who sells a newsletter for that price and measures his success by how much less he loses than the market lost is a clever joker indeed.
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