Dennis Gartman on holding on to a losing thesis...

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  1. "We have been asked then recently… usually by our younger and more “self-certain” clients… “How can one change one’s view on equities so quickly? How can one go from being overtly bearish one week to being a buyer the next?” The answer we have is that one has no choice in the world of trading/investing, for holding to a losing thesis and remaining steadfast in that losing thesis is the one certain route to ruin in this business. The “quick” do not become the “dead” and the very best traders… the very best investors… are those who can say that the trend has changed…"
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    Invasion of the bots. Bi-polar market.
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    The problem is that the way gartman talks he tends to be bullish or bearish for a multitude of 'fundamental' factors, he tends to give the impression that he did a lot of research. Yet when the price changes its like as if all that research was junk.

    He should go on TV and only say 'I'm long because its going up' and withhold the fundamental side since HE doesnt believe on it, but of course, if he did that nobody would ask him to come again. So he needs to yap away about irrelevant fundamental factors when he is in fact mostly looking at the price action
  4. What golds up, I'm bullish. What golds down, never liked it. Warren Buffet is a moron!

    What's this guy's track record? If it was good, why not hype it or publish it? The Robert Oppenheimer of Stock Picking mentions his great record from time to time on his show. Booyah! Nothing wrong with Bear Stearns! I am become death, the destroyer of worlds, the destroyer of your portfolio.