Denial Denial Denial

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  1. Nothing apparently is ever inflationary to the Fed or the current administration...
    Record Stock Market
    Record Real Estate Market
    Record Oil Prices
    Record Low Unemployment
    Record Commodity Markets

    What's amazing is how high oil prices are not inflationary, but falling oil prices are disinflationary...look at the CPI ex Food and Energy when oil prices are going up - then look at the CPI with Food and Energy when oil prices are going down.
    Who the hell believes these numbers anyways...everything is much more expensive now than 2 years ago. Wait until this ethanol experiment blows up in our face and we see monstrous food-based inflation.

    And these IDIOTS who bet on rate hikes, and still are, must be smoking some really good shit and I want some...A slight downtick in one economic number and boom, everybody is talking rate cuts. I'm short Eurodollars, so i'm just talking up my position.

    The Fed needs to be choked and they need to hike rates, to encourage saving of capital, and reduce the excess flop sweat from the system. The day the Fed comes out and hikes rates will be the day that the stock market finally reverses, but not till then.
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    So your not the only one noticing how prices of goods have gone straight up over the last 2 years. Its not going to stop, as for the rates, they arent going down anytime soon, in fact I think the federal reserve will be hiking them to at least 5.75 before they begin to cut..

    The other thing is that this bull market can go on for quite sometime. The bulls have the game won no matter what. If housing ever takes a toll on this economy or we begin to see the loss of jobs increasing or the fed has to do is drop the rates for the bull market to continue.
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    pohpoh and s2007s someone on e.t. just wrote about the savings rate being the lowest in 74 yrs. and the reason back in 1932-1933 for it being low was that back then people were using the $$$ for buying food whereas now its for pleasure, thats scary to me as why now. if only more people would get their heads out of the gopher hole and see what is happening to our country. it will be worse than 1929.

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  5. De ain't just a river in....Kazhakstan?
  6. Thats not strictly true-a lot of people/corporations made a packet during the "great depression".

    Without looking to closely at the fact, most of the big industry who made money/survived then, were the same ones who reaped dividends during the industrial frenzy of the war, scarcely a decade later.

    Co-incidently, many of those same group's and names are now on the stockmarket leaderboards.
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