Dendreon (DNDN) Tuesday. Cure for Cancer? Does stock go to $0, or $75 after Tues.?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wilburbear, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. neither
  2. no more than $24, more likely down from where it is now.
  3. Only higher..........

    CMG hits 85 with 115% institutional ownership. and you don't think DNDN goes higher? I think DNDN management understands the game, and plays the shorts like yo - yos. They already did it once.

    93mm float, 20mm reported short, look at the deepcapture article. Easily the float, or more, could be short, legally or not.

    I can't see clearing firms playing this game into "dendreon day" on CNBC.
  4. CET


    Most of these advanced stage cancer drugs only extend life by an average of 3-4 months. I am amazed people spend $100s of thousands on this. I'd leave it to someone to blow or I'd blow it myself. I'm sure people don't care if an insurance company is paying.

    All the company said is that the trial met the target or endpoint, which we will know the details of shortly. Even if it did, that does not guarantee approval since the FDA has so many conflicts some of them should be in jail.
  5. This may be the crack in cancer that can be widened with a wedge to produce a cure.

    Just finished an excellent book on this subject. "Brain Surgeon" by Dr. Keith Black. He, or possibly a guy at Sloan in NY, is number one in the world for cancers of the brain.
  6. not if the nakedshorters can help it.
  7. what a joke. guy on cnbc just said he thinks this drug may extend life 2 months. at what cost?
  8. That is not what he said.

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    The analyst gave it a $40 plus target once approved and with full market penetration, which is about 100K patients.
    #10     Apr 28, 2009