Dems Won't Retake The House Regardless

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. pspr


    After spending around $1 Billion to retake the house, Pelosi's efforts have fallen way short. Partly because she is a senile idiot.

    Nancy Pelosi has spent much of the past two years proclaiming that Democrats had a great shot at reclaiming the House and returning the speaker’s gavel to her hands.

    But her drive to regain the majority for Democrats is on the verge of a complete collapse. Democrats are expected to pick up five seats at best — a fraction of the 25 they need. On the eve of the election, some party officials are privately worried that Democrats might even lose ground and drop one or two seats to the Republican majority.
  2. 377OHMS


    I saw that Harry Reid's motorcade was in a car accident in I-15 the other day. He survived.

    Too bad.

    Guess these clowns starting wearing their seatbelts after Jon Corzine broke his leg, six ribs, his sternum and a vertebra when his limo ran into a guard rail.
  3. pspr


    It wasn't too long ago that Harry got into a fight with some pavement and got a black eye. He sure seems accident prone.

    I don't think Corzine hit a guard rail. I think he ran into a former investor. :D
  4. 377OHMS


    That was the worst black-eye I've ever seen. It looked like part of his face was dead. Apparently he slipped "while jogging". Dislocated his shoulder as well. Probably drunk lol.

    Corzine had to have a rod inserted into his femur. He should probably go to prison and have a rod inserted up his ass. :D