Dems starting to screw up already

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  2. Where would you like to begin? Do we elect the best, the brightest? It is a conglomoration of people shifty enough, willing to do whatever it takes to gain office.

    There is a scale designed by Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg, now deceased that ranks morality, or lack of it, on a scale. The lowest rank is, "I do whatever I want, the public be damned." the top is, "I act in the interest of my fellow man". Where do you think Hillary ranks? Pelosi? Reid?

    The Republicans are no better. You see, they get a salary regardless, and they vote for their own pay packages, which is why, after one term in Congress, I believe the pension is 15k a month.

    The only hope we have is the citizens taking their valuable time, jumping through hoops, correcting the screw ups of these morons.

    Did you hear hillary???!!!? "I want to take the oil profits........" They took the White House furniture, so why not.?
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    Your right sheesh

    How stupid of them to actually help the poor.

    What are they thinking :)
  4. Daal reflects the Republican moral compass.

    Which, even though my values fairly conservative, is why I don't vote Republican.

    If you think about it, describing Republicans as being "conservative" is an oxymoron.

    Actually, they would be better titled as the Capitalist Party instead, because it's more analogous to their core interest. All they truly care about is the bottom line of profit.

    Then, there's the religious faction, which they sling along as a voting block.

    ... And I think that's quite a fair assessment.

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    It's pretend help. Historically every time the minimum wage is raised it puts about a hundred thousand out of work. Wage and price controls have a 2500 year history, zero successes. Draw your own conclusions about the politicians that favor them.
  6. what is better. a hundred thousand out of work, or ten million not earning enough to pay for the necessities for living?
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    The US is involved in a war for which all justifications have been proven to be false and you are upset because the minimum wage is going up? Ok, whatever.
  8. What war? Do you see any opposing army?
  9. there was one at the start... kinda
  10. Your right the minimum wage should be $00.00 per hour. Also lets repeal the overtime laws. Why should the government force an employer to pay more for work over 40 hours a week? It's stupid, who picked that number. The employer should be able to say work 60, 70, 80 or how ever many hours a week they want at regular time (or better yet a straight salary) or your fired, keep the gov. out of our business. Next those crazy child labor laws. Hell half of the poor kids will drop out of school anyway or get knocked up, let em pull their own weight and help pay the bills. Haven't they ever heard of pulling themselves up by their own boot straps? My personal pet peeve are the intrusive labor safety laws. A business should be able to say this is the job take it or leave it, you want safety equipment, then let the employee buy it himself. It's none of the governments business if a job is dangerous or not. That is strictly between the employer and employee and really it's nobody's business except the employer.
    Stupid labor laws.
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