Dems just lost the senate!!!

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  1. Sen from Minn had stroke and may die, replacement will be republican creating a tie.
  2. yeah if the dems are gonna allow a rep fucko who lost the election to take his place.

    dream on.
  3. Clearly you need a lesson in civics.

    If he Senator dies the Govenor appoints somebody to take his place, which will probably be a republican.

    Democrats have zero say in the matter.

    Educate yourself dolt.

  4. Correction. South Dakota.
  5. not gonna happen, he lost the election, he wont occupy the senate.

    again, dream on.
  6. The GOP are STILL pissed off about the election result.
  7. Spokesman: Johnson Did Not Have Stroke
    Dec 13 7:20 PM US/Eastern

    Associated Press Writer


    A spokesman for Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson said the politician did not suffer a stroke or heart attack, contrary to initial reports after Johnson was taken to a Washington hospital, weeks before his party was to take control of the Senate by a one-vote margin.

    Johnson, who will 60 on Dec. 28, became disoriented during a conference call with reporters at midday Wednesday, stuttering in response to a question. He was taken to George Washington University Hospital, where doctors were evaluating his condition.

    Democrats won a 51-49 majority in the November election. South Dakota's Republican governor, Mike Rounds, would appoint a replacement to serve until the 2008 election should Johnson die or resign.

    Before he ended the call, Johnson appeared to recover and asked if there were any additional questions.

    Spokeswoman Julianne Fisher said he then walked back to his Capitol office but appeared to not be feeling well. The Capitol physician came to his office and examined him, and it was decided he should go to the hospital.

    He was taken to the hospital by ambulance around noon, Fisher said.

    "It was caught very early," she said.
  8. Seems another Senate Democrat was very shaken this afternoon saying he "had a severe stroke" and "pray for him". I just lost a step father, and they sent him home after two days, where he had another and died in days. I don't put a lot of faith in press releases like this. They would deny any type of real problem until they have to make a release.

    while this is tragic, a Rep Gov will appoint a Republican if Johnston can't meet a Jan 4 rollcall, and The Senate would be tied. As best I can tell, Chairs of Committee revert to Republicans. that would make a difference to us because Specter and Grassley has the SEC on the run. See Today's WSJ Letters to the Editor.

    Very strange turn of events. But if had a stroke of any kind, he will not muster in two and a half weeks.
  9. This guy has kids, is close to my age, and I sure hope he's alright. If not, we deal with it, like we deal with all life's turns.

  10. I wouldn't be suprised if the Klan starts assasinating senators from States with RepubliKKKlan governators. Nothing is beneath this cesspool of humanity.
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