Dems in Free Fall

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    Quickly, AK, post another Quinnipac Poll to numb the reality.

    Los Angeles Times

    What? California's Dianne Feinstein in poll trouble too?

    September 16, 2011 | 4:48am

    Oh, no! Another Democratic senator in possible election trouble for 2012.

    And from California already?

    A new Field Poll just released this morning brings news that California's Sen. Dianne Feinstein is -- how can we put this in a liberal kind of way? -- approved by 41% of voters who want to see her reelected next year.

    Unfortunately for her, more voters (fully 44%) disapprove of her continued employment in the U.S. Senate after 2012.

    In blue California that makes for about a magnitude 5.2 quake.

    The same poll finds that only 41% approve of Feinstein's job in Washington, while 39% disapprove.

    That 41 approval number is the lowest the former mayor has ever had in her 20 years of no longer really living in California.

    Another recent Field Poll showed many Californians are falling out of love with the teleprompter guy from Chicago. His California approval has slid below 50% for the first time ever, down to 46%.

    That's a decline of about two points per month recently.

    Is his slide now corroding the election prospects of even such party stalwarts as Feinstein?

    Add to that the overall -- how can we say this in a polite way? -- disgust with the United States Congress (nine out of every 100 Californians now approve of those guys) and this could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for Democrats. They or independent allies need to lose only six seats to turn the Senate over to those people that Vice President Joe "#%$&*(@" Biden politely calls "barbarians."

    Democrats next year are defending two-thirds of the 33 Senate seats on state ballots. Good luck with that at 9% unemployment.

    President Obama, who's now passed Biden as the nation's most voluble, least effective job creator, is about due for another money run to Hollywood.

    Oh, look! Our pal, the well-connected Tina Daunt is writing in the Hollywood Reporter that the one-time 40-something star of the celebrity set is having real trouble now raking in the easy dough from disappointed West Coast Dems.

    Maybe the 78-year-old chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee will factor that intelligence into her as yet unannounced decision on seeking a fourth term on the same ticket as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's former boss.

    -- Andrew Malcolm
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    Now if only that could happen to Nancy Pelosi. John Dennis would be a vast improvement.
  3. NY-9 may be the biggest story, but the msm does not seem to want to cover it.


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    In Pelosi's case so would Donald Duck. :)
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    James Carville interrupts AK-47's reality-defying Quinnipac polling fantasy:

    "James Carville: Who Cares If People Like Dems More Than GOP If We Keep Losing Elections?"

    from a CNN exchanage: "Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher was also on hand, reacting to Carville’s advice by bringing up the reality that many Americans right now are not only unhappy with the President’s performance, but with the state of Washington DC in general, including Congress. Carville responded:

    Everything that Cornell says is true, but there’s one problem: We keep losing elections. And so what difference does it make if you say, “Well they like us better than they like the Republicans in Congress,” if they keep voting for Republicans"
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    From: The Hill

    Poll: Feinstein vulnerable in California

    By Cameron Joseph - 09/16/11 11:40 AM ET

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) might be vulnerable to a Republican challenger.

    According to a new Field poll, just 41 percent of California voters support reelecting the longtime centrist incumbent, who won her last two reelections with ease, while 44 percent oppose reelecting her. Feinstein's job approval rating remains positive, but at a dangerously low 41 percent approving, with 39 percent disapproving.

    The poll is the latest worrisome sign for Senate Democrats. Still, it it is unclear whether California Republicans could field a serious challenger to Feinstein who could raise the multiple millions of dollars needed for a campaign in the highly expensive state, and having GOP candidates spend multiple millions of dollars in 2010, a great Republican year, Democrats held on to both a gubernatorial and Senate seat by double-digit margins.

    Feinstein's numbers are likely being dragged down more by a general disapproval of Congress than any failing of her own: Just 9 percent of California voters approved of Congress in the poll.

    Her numbers are much worse now than they were at the same point in her last serious reelection. In August 1993, 53 percent of voters backed Feinstein's reelection in a Field poll. She went on to squeak out a win with 47 percent of the vote against billionaire Michael Huffington the following year.

    Feinstein also could be in trouble monetarily: Her campaign treasurer was just arrested earlier this month for embezzlement, and she told supporters that her campaign fund may have been "wiped out," according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Republicans Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, the two Republican standard-bearers from 2010, have the personal resources to match Feinstein, but it is unclear whether either will want to run again after their big-margin losses last election. Some California House members whose districts were made much more difficult to hold could also decide to challenge her: Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.), who no longer has a Republican-leaning district to run in, could prove a tough candidate.

    The poll of 1,001 registered was conducted from Sept. 1-12, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 percent.
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    From today's Chicago Tribune:

    Thursday night, the Huffington Post said "Democrats on the Hill and even in the White House are struggling with a mysterious emotion: They miss Rahm Emanuel."

    This kind of hand-wringing is to be expected given where the president's poll numbers are. His evening speech to a joint session of Congress was viewed by more than 30 million Americans, but failed to jolt his approval rating. Gallup's tracking poll showed no "bump" from the speech, and that his job rating is down to 39% as of Thursday.
  10. Sounds familiar doesn't it ?

    (Reuters) - Democratic stalwart Barbara Boxer risks losing her U.S. Senate seat in the November election, a California poll showed on Thursday, in a sign that voter backlash is spreading to a reliably liberal state.

    President Barack Obama is defending strong Democratic majorities in Congress at a time when dissatisfaction is high and the controlling party has failed to pass two high priority bills, on health care and climate change.

    Voter fury which swept in Republican Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts appeared not to apply to California in January, but the situation has changed quickly, said Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo.

    "This seat is much more competitive than any previous election that Boxer has faced," he said. "I think it's a toss-up state." Boxer's campaign said on Wednesday that Obama for the first time planned to come to California to campaign for the senator.

    Boxer's unfavorable rating has shot up to 51 percent from 39 percent in two months and she is in a statistical dead heat when compared with the two leading candidates for the Republican nomination, former Congressman Tom Campbell and former Hewlett-Packard Co. Chief Executive Carly Fiorina.
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