Dems find a way to Lose...AGAIN

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  1. Here we go again. A Dem should win in a landslide this coming November, but alas, they've blown it again. Take off the rose colored glasses for a moment and lets do a reality check.
    If Clinton somehow manages to broker a back room deal with the "super delegates" blacks will stay home and she loses. If Obama gets the nod, do you really think that the United States of White America will vote for a black man named Barack Hussain Obama, who for 20 years has been a member of a radical church that advocates the downfall of America. Like I wrote, it's a reality check people, and you know that's how it will be portrayed.
    Bottom line is, those kids in the "blog land" will never get out of mom and dads basement to go vote. White lib's will say in public Obama is their man, but will hold their nose and vote McCain when they get behind the curtain, or they'll stay home. McCain wins by a nose and we're all pretty much fucked.
  2. thats why gore will be begged to save us all. LOL LOL LOL go to intrade and buy up some gore shares.

    look.. it's not gonna be mccain... just wait till they focus on him. he is slightly above retarded on an IQ scale. (maybe)
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    Maybe I'll buy Thomas Jefferson @
  5. yeah load up on that one. **eyeroll**
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    No need. His protege is one of the democratic candidates! :D
  7. um.. saxo? it was your idea. :confused:

    and trust me none of these candidates are jeffersonian.
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    saxon're probably right, rat. it wasn't a serious comment. just having some fun.
  9. Its wrong to think the Dems can win....You need to look at the vote by county. You will see how concentrated the Dems support is.

    Once you get outside the major urban cities the Dems lose most everything. In polls they have the raw numbers to show a large lead but all those votes get balenced by the burbs , exburbs and the states without major urban areas.
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