Dems Could Have 60 in Senate

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  1. Should the next Commerce Secretary of the United States be Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, the Governor of New Hampshire ( John Lynch, Democrat ) would have the opportunity to replace Gregg's senate seat with a Democrat, thereby giving Democrats 60 seats in the Senate.

    But then again, Senator Gregg was the GOP's chief negotiator for the Bush Administration's $700 Billion bailout of the financial industry. That alone, would have most likely knocked him out of a re-election bid given that New Hampshire has no state income tax and a "Live Free or Die" motto that permeates a state that has proved increasily tough to Republicans.

    An interesting development to say the least.
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    I guess the importance of this went unnoticed.

    I heard it said he would not take this position unless the governor promised to replace him with another republican.

    I hope he doesn't fall for that. If he were to believe the word of a democrat, he would be a fool. Remember, Mr Gregg, the ends justify the means in the minds of your opponents. But republican values seem to vanish when they enter the DC bubble, so I expect no less. Having said that, I was surprised by the house repubs on the fake stimulus bill. Perhaps another surpise is in order on this one.
  3. You are correct.
    Appears to be a done deal.
  4. just proves that donkey vs elephant is a farce

    if it were for real NO WAY would republicans have handed away that critical 60th seat (regardless of any supposed 'deal') with the white house, the house and the senate already gone - NO WAY. Too dangerous, too much on the line

    whatever happens from now on, is a deliberate conspiracy between the so caled '2 parties', all supposed dissent a FAKE
  5. Done deal.
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    Bonnie Newman will be his replacement. Maybe Gov Lynch is alright. I stand surpised (as are some dems from what I've read). She has said she will not seek to retain the seat in 2010.