democray or educated/intellegent democracy?

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  1. Will both/either work?

    you can argue that money/(power of capitalism), (a fool and his money...etc...)

    but without education you are a fool, are you not?

    I don't see the problem we have as a capitalist problem..but an educational problem. Of course if we are being kept ignorant, then only the curious ones will accel. but is that better or worse?

  2. 1) Democracy works "well" during bull markets. Every type of government is ineffective during a bear market.
    2) Intelligence won't make boom/bust cycles go away.
    3) Intelligent people will continue to buy tops and sell-out at bottoms.
    4) It's better to realize that human psychology doesn't change.
    5) Get ready for the upcoming Black Friday sales. :cool:
  3. The dangers inherent with democracies were written about at the time of the ancient Greeks and at the founding of our Republic. - - Basically its human nature to prefer b.s. over truth, when that truth is painful to hear. That's how the b.s. artists (politicians) get you to vote for them. Tell the truth, if they were able to even recognize it, - - and they are dead-on-arrival at the ballot box. - - - Offer people 'salvation' when theyre desperate and they will accept anything. I heard a guy on a radio talk show discussing how he thought democracy had failed and was now obsolete. It was chilling. Reminded me of stories I had read about Germany during the 1930s before Adolf came to power - - - People looking for a Father figure to save them.
  4. Basically its human nature to prefer b.s. over truth

    No one wants truth, they want justice.

    "Why'd you take out that ARM you fool"

    Those dang predatory lenders, sue 'em.
  5. Can justice exist without truth? or more importantly, will it exist without truth?