Democrats win House & Senate

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Kin2, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. WoW! There goes the economy...

  2. Yeah, you mean the economy that never was?

    It took 60 years for the average retard voter to kick the democratic majority out of congress

    It took 12 short years to kick the Republikan scum majority out of congress.

    Does that mean the "Moral majority" is not the majority after all? We all know the scum are im-moral, so the question is will the scum now refrain from using the term "moral majority"?
  3. more or less :D

    With real inflation, real GDP is probably lower than when Clintion was in office.
  4. You are in la la land.
  5. Kin, your title is highly premature. The House - yes, the Senate - no.

    With Montana still too close to call and Virginia likely headed for a recount after Nov. 27th at the earliest (when the results in VA are certified), we may not know about the Senate for weeks.
  6. with all the disenchanted Reps around, i think its pretty safe to say that the Dems already have the 'moral' majority at Senate level...

    can't see how that cld be bad for the economy, for easing of geopolitical tensions, for $-strength??
  7. It was obvious