democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

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  1. hillbilly not backing down despite being down in terms of popular vote, # of states won, and # of delegates.........she will go to PA and win and maybe lose in other states........bottom line is hillbilly will not back down under any circumstances and will go all the way to the convention.........there will be lots of bitterness and a democratic base that was unified and energized to take back the white house will become fractured and demoralized......if hillbilly wins blacks will stay home and if obama wins white women will stay home

    long story short.........democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...........we're probably going to have the lowest voter turnout ever in this election........i know i'm not going to vote.......if i do i will simply pull the lever without picking anyone......maybe the libertarian candidate.
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    This whole "two party" system is what is dragging this country down, in my opinion. It would be nice if a 3rd party ticket could accomplish anything more than ruining the election for one of the two parties.
  3. CHEW: I share your concerns that the Hilliary/Obama battle will result in lots of weak-kneed Dems getting turned off completely. The core, of course, realize that there isn't a paper-thin difference between the two when talking policy. Solid party members will vote for either candidate no matter whom wins the nomination. All elections are only about the votes of the 10-20% who haven't figured out what they stand for.

    One possible scenario: First ballot results in no winner; Al Gore gets nominated and wins on the second ballot.

    Love Hilliary, respect Obama but Al is far & above the most qualified person to manage America since Bill Clinton.
  4. So you want to bring back Ross Perot? :)
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    That damn Karl Rove... :p
  6. CHEW: Let's say you love 1000 Island dressing but went to a restaurant that only served Blue Cheese and Penzoil Motor Oil for salad dressing: would you pick the Penzoil ?!?!?!

    Policy-wise there isn't a cat's-hair difference in policy between Hilliary & Obama. People that would choose McCain or 'None-of-the-Above' just because THEIR 1st preference isn't running are cutting off their noses to spite their face.

    It all boils down to this: if you are pleased with the current state of affairs: vote for John McCain. If you want major changes: vote Democrat. (This is not to say that they are perfect but only to suggest that they are the evil of two lessors.)
  7. What are you smoking?
  8. A plant that, unfornately, BOTH parties think should be illegal.

    However, I can steadfastly assert that, regardless of whether I am using pot, LSD, Qualudes, wine/beer/liquor, Peyote, Vicodin, PCP, inhalants, Xanax, or crystal-meth: my political views stay the same: Republicans = Facists.

    I understand that we are arguing about whether the Military/Industrial complex OR the Industrial/Military complex will rule our nation, I still have to trust that my team (Democrats) WOULD rule better if they could get a majority.
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    Or put another way: if you think things suck now but are still tolerable vote for McCain. If you want to see just how bad things can really get vote for the other jokers.

    Or :If you are filthy rich making all of $30K a year and can afford to have your taxes double vote for the jokers, if you are not feeling so flush and can't afford another large "yes we can... take your hard earned money" contribution then vote for McCain.

    Or :If you would rather the government took your money and "invested" it for you in some innercity entitlement scheme that taught the cultural superiority of ebonics over english vote for the jokers. If you would rather invest your money yourself in businesses that will create jobs for people rather than create fake self esteem then vote for McCain.

    Or :If you would like to decrease the probability that the US will suffer a biological terrosist attack vote for McCain. If you have been looking for a solution to overpopulation in your housing project then vote for the jokers.

    Not all change is for the better. As bad as it is with this Iraqi anchor around our necks (you are dreaming if you think either of the jokers will remove it in their 1st term despite what they say) it will get a lot worse when we also have a massively increased tax burden to go with it. It will eliminate any chance we might have of growing our way out of the fiscal hole we are in.

    The real change that we need is to have someone half way competent in the White house and at least Hilliary and McCain qualify on that score.
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    Maybe I didn't clarify myself, but that is what I'm talking about. It is a problem, that a 3rd party candidate can only ruin the election for one of the other parties. Were it not for Perot, Bush gets re-elected. Were it not for Nader, Gore wins in 2000.

    I would love for Ron Paul to run as a 3rd party candidate, but unfortunately it would make 100% certainty that the Dem would win. I happen to vote Republican (Democrat-lite), but would love to support a true conservative or Libertarian if they had a shot at winning.
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