Democrats took control

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TMcKenna, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. What do you think guys? And I am not interested in political jibberish, how will this affect the markets?
  2. Just picked up this from another forex forum:

    "yes they did and nobody in forex world gives a flying fk about it, I told you guys few days ago, these two parties are the same, they serve the same masters and nothing is going to change, I feel sorry for people who think they changed something"
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    "haha, they are fooling themselves, poor souls, nothing will change..
    You know how you can tell the change is coming? Let me (stupid forex trader) tell you:
    -When you get the president and party that tells you: "My dear americans we have to get rid of oil, we have to sacrifice something, let`s stop driving for 6 months and keep only essential services until our enemies who sell oil go bunkrupt"
    - When you get the president and party that tells you: " My dear americans, we will withdraw our arm forces from all places in the world where they don`t want us, we don`t need weapons to force people to recognize our greatness, we can buy what we need, we don`t have to fight for it, we are the most inovative nation in the history of the world and we can outcompete anybody anytime"
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    "America is degrading its greatness by sticking its nose in some godforbiden places where it spends hundreds of billions of dollars for nothing, instead of investing it in new technologies and space exploration. The amount of money spent in stupid Iraq equals 50 annual budgets of NASA (Yes National Space Agency), so If we spent all that money exploring space, you would have the town of El Paso on Mars by now, and America would be the first interplanetary country in the history of the world."
  5. Very cool, I like this :)